Cinema & Psychiatry (Filmulation)

At Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, several courses reach core objectives through the genre of horror. In the Department of Psychiatry, we’ve classified these courses under the ‘Horrorscope’ platform. The Horrorscope course taught on the medical student level is Cinema & Literature (C&L) Psychiatry.

C&L Psychiatry is a condensed version of REDRUM where selected literary works and horror movies serve as a media to reach clerkship objectives related to psychopathology.

3rd-year medical students assigned to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for their core clerkship in Psychiatry take part in this novel didactic. Students meet twice per week over the 6-week clerkship to discuss fictional novels and horror films as part of a noon lecture series.

Key Words: Horrorscope, C&L, C/L, C-n-L, psychopathology, mental illness, horror movies, necromancy, psychiatry clerkship, filmulation
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