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From the mind of Anthony Tobia, MD
Co-hosted by Jasmin Shaba (Web Master)

Wicked Knights is a website dedicated to innovations in medical education and clinical practice. Within these web pages, you will discover various programs housed in the Department of Psychiatry at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School that aim to improve outcomes of students, residents, allied health professionals, and people afflicted with mental illness.

Where the Main Campus Meets Mainstream

From College Avenue, over the Raritan River, to our medical school on the Rutgers Busch Campus, our unique teaching programs integrate art and popular culture into the cutting edge of education. Whether its data presented at national meetings or articles published in medical journals, you will certainly agree that Robert Wood Johnson Medical School offers an educational experience like no other.

Patient-Centered Innovation

If you’re curious as to how a zombie apocalypse or the Minotaur can possibly contribute to improved patient outcomes, you’ve found the right place. Several of our clinical projects are Best Practices at the university and have consistently demonstrated quality improvement in outcomes for the patients we care for.

“Through A Psychiatrist’s Lens” – Spring 2021