Welcome to our virtual road trip around the world that visits 24 of the creepiest places on earth. Each month, our team will highlight a selected destination and link the legend behind it to a movie trope. While some of our relationships such as the Aokigahara Forest (The Forest, 2016) are obvious, others are not as apparent.

Our 2-year trip begins near the village of Milton, Scotland and promises to be as informative as it is scary. At each stop, medical students at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School will post a blog that relates the haunted spot and film to the field of Psychiatry. Scroll over our world map and click on the destination to read the pdf file and begin your world tour.

For full disclosure, the authors do not support labeling individuals with mental disorders as “monsters” nor do we condone any perpetuation of the stigma of mental illness. The posts on this site are for teaching purposes only as they are a fun and innovative way to review aspects of Psychiatry.